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Desired Outcomes of Ministry

Based on the facility's mission statement and considering our biblical and cultural parameters, the following objectives are viewed as the desired outcomes for those attending Oak Forest are intentionally displayed in a logical progression from meeting physical needs to spiritual nourishment. It should also be understood, however, that not every program at Oak Forest is necessarily designed to meet each and every one of these desired outcomes on every occasion.

Service of physical needs

Our objective is to make people comfortable during their stay with us as well as to encourage and enhance any physical activity which can result in life-long skills. Our objective is to create a climate conducive for spiritual renewal while encountering the wonders of God's creation. This objective will include the intent to facilitate rest and reflection, as well as to provide occasions for laughter and physical refreshment.

Experience of Christian love for all

Our objective is to build relationships with believers and non-believers, opening doors for spiritual development and for their future involvement in the ministry of Oak Forest. We desire to create a climate where all guests and staff feel welcome, loved, and nurtured.

Opportunity for spiritual regeneration for each non-believer

Our objective is to share the message of God's saving grace, the forgiveness of sin, and newness of life that is by faith in Jesus Christ with those who attend Oak Forest and give opportunities for personal spiritual decisions.

Bible-centered spiritual training

Our objective is to provide Bible-centered spiritual training and nurturing for all believers, creating an atmosphere where spiritual growth can take place. Our objective is to minister to the spiritual needs of individuals and families, thereby effecting positive and lasting change in their home and church environments.